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Last week I presented a series on Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act (EPCRA), in the second part of that series I discussed Emergency Release Notification Requirements.  I briefly mentioned the intersection between the Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation … Continue reading

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Universal Waste Requirements

Universal waste is a special category of hazardous waste that includes batteries, pesticides, mercury-containing equipment and lamps.  For the most part, these wastes are self-explanatory but often confusion arises from mercury-containing equipment which includes a device or part of a device (including … Continue reading

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Sustainability…what is it?

There is quite a bit of buzz about environmental sustainability however there does not appear to be an overall consensus about the definition of this term.  I recently read anarticle in EHS Journal entitled “Demystifying Environmental Sustainability.”  In this article … Continue reading

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Help EHSCSI: How Do I Keep Employees Engaged in Environmental, Health & Safety?

Recently a Production Supervisor asked me:  “How do I keep my employees engaged in environmental, health & safety (EHS)?”  This particular question was related to properly managing hazardous waste, but this is a common question among managers responsible for EHS … Continue reading

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Managing Hazardous Waste at Home

Much discussion is centered around toxicity in our homes—chemicals in our cleaning products; cancer-causing materials in our cosmetics and skin care products.   I recently read an article published in Globe and Mail entitled “Your manicure looks beautiful. But the … Continue reading

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